Complex Caps

This cap is manufactured in complex (aluminium/PE/aluminium)

In all dimensions, including special formats. It is intaglio printable in 1 to 4 colours; the COMPLEX cap also allows 3 extra processes of thermographic printing by stamping, with matt, satin or gloss finish. The head of the cap tolerates all kinds of reliefs, not only dry pressed but also intaglio and stamping printed.

The cutting system can be with belt, plunging, or belt and plunging and all of them can incorporate a window to facilitate the opening. The application is easy and flawless and the cap adjusts perfectly on the bottle neck, appearing smooth and without wrinkles.


This cap can also be printed with the ultimate new Digital Printing System.

Colours in stock:

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Digital printing

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A good wine deserves the perfect stopper '100% natural, 100% reusable, and 100% recyclable'