The cap you don’t see, but you notice.

The bottle ‘flange’, or Californian style bottle, is becoming more and more popular for users. Until now, the only closing systems available for this type of bottle were made of wax or were just a disc on the stopper. Both present the problem of accumulated dust or dirtiness, as well as making it more difficult to uncork.


The Canals S-CAP capsule gets rid of this problem: it is invisible yet tangible. What the consumer wants and more: a tamper-proof solution to protect their contents.

The aluminium head of the S-CAP capsule is mounted on a stainless steel top disc (exclusive TOP CAP system by CANALS) which perfectly fits all bottle models, meaning the stopper cannot be perforated by any means without obviously damaging the capsule.

The bottler only needs to adapt the distribution machine. The consumer can open it in an easy, clean, and safe way, just like a conventional capsule.


aluminium, printable in up to 3 colours.


stainless steel. It provides a solid and completely flat support to the head, preventing it from sinking or becoming deformed.


PVC or PET (ecological). Variable height depending on the type of bottle. Transparent, colourless, or in the same shade as the glass of the bottle.

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Reinforced Top-Cap, A New Security Concept.

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